Application cut, bent and welded steels


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How to check whether a cut, bent, welded steel is certified ?

The factories that hold a certificate put the mark on the labels of their products. The certificate is valid for one factory and has maximum validity of 3 years and is granted for one of the 3 following categories:

  • Standard cut, bent, welded steels (in catalogues),
  • Cut, bent, welded steels against drawings (decoiling, cutting, bending, assembling by welding),
  • Special cut, bent steels (mechanical spliced bars, galvanised bars, etc ...)

What AFCAB requests to grant a certificate “Armatures”

The cut, bent, welded, mechanical spliced steels may be certified. The requirements included in the NF “Armatures” certification rules assure that these steels:

  • are made of NF “Concrete reinforcing steels” certified reinforcing steels,
  • fulfil the drawings or the technical catalogues,
  • are manufactured without alteration of the properties of the reinforcing steels (especially during the decoiling and the welding),
  • are made in accordance with the dimensional tolerances and the bending mandrels that are prescribed,
  • are checked at every stage of the manufacturing.

Conformity of the cut, bent, welded steels :

The factory shall implement a quality system which is based on an sectorial application of the NF EN ISO 9001 standard. It shall in particular assure:

  • The check that its means of production fit to produce the ordered cut, bent, welded steels to manufacture (steels against drawings),
  • the control of its final test documents,
  • the check of the origin of the purchased reinforcing steels,
  • the identification of the purchased reinforcing steels and of the finished cut, bent welded steels,
  • the qualification of its welding processes,
  • the check of the decoiled steels, especially the height of ribs / indentations after decoiling,
  • the check of the cut and bent steels, especially the diameters of mandrels and dimensions,
  • the check of the assembling, especially the welding,
  • the check of finish products, especially their composition,
  • the check of measurement and test apparatus,
  • the control of non conformities and the corrective actions,
  • the storage of records,
  • a qualification of its welding personnel.

The certified factory is audited 2 times a year to verify the implementation of the certification rules and the quality documents. To perform these audits, AFCAB relies on the network of laboratories of “Ponts et chaussées” ans other competent bodies in the field of the reinforcing steels.

The checks :

The NF certified cut, bent, welded steels fulfil the requirements of the NF A 35-027 standard compulsory for the public works. The certification rules are available at "Quality Documents;".