How to check whether a continuity system is certified ?

The factories put the mark on the labels of the continuity systems. The certificate is valid for one factory and has got a maximum validity of 3 years.

What AFCAB requests to grant a certificate

The mark may be granted to the continuity systems. The mark is to attest that the certified products are designed and manufactured in such way that:

  • they effectively assure the continuity of the reinforcing between the two steps of concreting, and fulfil the requirements of the design code for concrete,
  • do not alter the other qualities of the concrete.

The checks that are performed :

The factory shall implement a quality system which is based on an sectorial application of the NF EN ISO 9001 standard. It shall in particular assure :

  • the control of the final check documents,
  • the check and the identification of the semi-finished products that may be purchased, especially the reinforcing steels,
  • the identification of the finish products (labels),
  • the control of the manufacturing process,
  • the control of the conformity of the manufactured products,
  • the control of the measurement and test apparatus,
  • the control of non conformities and corrective actions,
  • the storage of records, especially the final test documents.

The certified factory is audited 2 times a year to verify the implementation of the certification rules and the quality documents. To perform these audits, AFCAB relies on the network of laboratories of “Ponts et chaussées” and other competent bodies in the field of the reinforcing steels. The certification rules are available at "Quality Documents".