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AFCAB.1 Speeches of the 20th anniversary of AFCAB - 15/10/2010
AFCAB.2 Preparation of fabrication of stainless cut and bent steels
AFCAB.4 Experience of AFCAB concerning the wording of sets of specifications
AFCAB.5 Presentation of AFCAB
AFCAB.6 Presentations "Matinale 2013"
AFCAB.7 Vade mecum of the AFCAB certifications
AFCAB.8 NF - Armatures presentation
Marquage CE Note concerning the CE marking of concrete reinforcing steels
Memo 14420 Activity report 2013
Memo 15429 Activity report 2014
Memo13411 Activity report 2012
T46 T46 2012 - Les armatures du béton, de la conception à la mise en oeuvre - Partie 1
T81 Concrete reinforced with stainless steels