Since its creation in 1990, AFCAB has progressively developedthen implementeda consistent set offive certification schemes for products and services, in the field of traditional reinforcementof reinforced concrete constructions. Therelevant reference documents for certification are basedonFrench standards related to European orInternational Standards ortechnicalspecifications representing the state ofthe art.

The certificates

Since 1990, the AFCAB has been issuing certificates of conformity to companies producing or using reinforcement for concrete or their accessories.

Interactive map

Interactive map

How to get the certification?

The certifications granted by AFCAB require the existence of a quality system, based on a sectorial adaptation of ISO 9001, in the companies applying for these certifications, prior to any application.

Getting the right to use NF/AFCAB or AFCAB marks is given after an assessment of the conformity of the products or services to the requirements of the relevant standards and/or the supplementary requirements included in the relevant certification rules.


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