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Since its creation in 1990, AFCAB has progressively developedthen implementeda consistent set offive certification schemes for products and services, in the field of traditional reinforcementof reinforced concrete constructions. Therelevant reference documents for certification are basedonFrench standards related to European orInternational Standards ortechnicalspecifications representing the state ofthe art.

AFCAB has set up acollegial functioningwith a balanced representation of the differentstakeholders (manufacturers andproducers, users, technical bodies) in its different bodies.

AFCAB has asked for the recognition of its technical competence as a certification body via an accreditation granted by COFRAC.


The main ambitions are as follows:

  • To actin order thatAFCAB certifications are systematically taken into account in the enquiries for the concrete constructions.
  • To widen the perimeter ofAFCAB partners in order to cover the range ofthe stakeholders in the construction field (building owners, designers, construction companies, inspection bodies, insurance companies).
  • To contribute to actions of initialeducationand continuous training, in the sector.

Today, all the conditions are met to become an indispensable partner in the field of concrete construction and to be able to build, with all our partners, a future on a solid and sustainable basis.

Bernard CRETON

AFCAB Chairman

Our History

Before 1990 .

The producers of fabricated reinforcement should be inspected by each projectowner, successful tenderer of an important construction (e.g. nuclear power plant).

These project owners should go to the workshop to verifytheproduction conditions and make sure that the producer of fabricated reinforcementproperly applies its QualityPlan.

After 1990 .

Birth of AFCAB, the French certification body for concrete reinforcement.

When EDF decidedto build the CIVAUX nuclear power plant, the Equipment-Construction Direction suggested to the Chairman of APA, the Professional Association of Producers of Fabricated Reinforcement, to set upa certification, granted by an independent body, addressing the specifications common to all producers of fabricated reinforcement.

After gathering the essentialstakeholders of the sector: associations representing the manufacturers ofreinforcing steels; SNCF, ministryin charge of the public works; Central Laboratory for Bridges and Roads (existing IFSTTAR), it was decidedtoAFCAB, the French certification body for concrete reinforcement.

Today .

AFCAB gathers the main stakeholders that produce and process concretefabricated reinforcement and their accessories.

It representsthe project owners (MTSE, SNCF, EDF), the distributorsand the large construction companies, the manufacturers of reinforcing steels (bars and coils, welded fabric, lattice girders), theproducers of fabricated reinforcementas well as the companies that place and process fabricated reinforcementon site, the laboratories / audit bodies (IFSTTAR, CEREMA, CSTB) and technical inspection bodies (COPREC) and CIMBETON.

Body accreditedby COFRAC, the French accreditation Committee, AFCAB hasstrongly contributedto the preparation and implementation of certificationschemes that allow the constructors and the project owners to be confident in the fact that thelink “fabricated reinforcement” will perfectly be integrated in the quality chain of theproject.

The association is backed up with:

  • A Board of directors, composedof 12 voluntary members,
  • A permanent Secretary, composed of 4 employees,
  • 25 qualified auditors,
  • 8 testing laboratories,
  • 5 specific Committees, each composedof around fifteen voluntary experts.