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The voluntary marksof certification forconstruction products and services foster the competitivityof the companies and build trust and confidence in the relations they have with their customers and partners.

They attest theperiodical verification of the controls performed by the certification holder and the conformanceof theconstruction products and services to a set of characteristics and performances (quality, safety, durability orfitness for purpose) as describedin the reference documents of certification that detail thetechnicalspecifications to be met and the provisions for their controls. These reference documents of certification aredeveloped taking into account the opinion of all stakeholders (manufacturers and producers, users, public authorities, consumers, technical inspection bodies…).

The voluntary marks of certificationgranted by an independent body allow to ensure the following essential points:

1. The performances of the products are controlledin a continuous way by themanufacturer/producerandperiodicallychecked by the certification body,
2. All the requirements are fulfilled,
3. All theconcerned products are fit for purpose to build projects accordingto the relevant state of art rules (NF and NF DTU standards, technical specifications for public works, …).

What specifies the standard NF EN 1992-1-1 NA §

The value to be usedfor Δcdev is as follows: when the executionis submittedto a qualityassurancesystem in which the monitoring includes measurements of the concrete cover beforepouring the concrete, itis possible to reduce the allowance in design for deviation, so as : 10 mm ≥ Δcdev ≥ 5 mm


The certifications granted by AFCAB bring
the followingeconomicalbenefits and advantages:

They strengthen the confidence in the used products and their processing and placing,their characteristics being regularly evaluated (performances, safety…). These are determinedin consideration of the uses by the contractorsas well as the users of the constructions and are suitable to the needs of users.

They confirm the use of durable products and executionconditions for the expected function, that can leadto a least maintenance, a minimised riskofdefects, and then of failure or damage, and to possible betterinsurance conditions.

They allow the optimisation of the project designby usingproducts and execution conditions with controlled characteristics; e.g., the fact of usinga certifiedon-site reinforcement placing and processingcompany allows to reduce the embedmentof 5 to 10 mm and therefore to optimise directcosts.

They facilitate the choice of products by reducingthe mobilization of thespecifier or user (project owner, distribution networks or contractors).

They make easier the verification of the products and execution conditions on site (contractor, technical inspection) or at the project acceptance (project manager, project owner, safety commission…) that lead to spare time and money.

They offer when needed, a technical supportfor the certification holders as well as their customers. E.g., AFCAB shall record and deal with the claims from the users ofcertifiedproducts.

They formatrue lever of the progress of theconcerned sector allowing a better consideration of the evolution of the social needs (bothregulatoryand voluntary) and by participatingto manage the risk.

They generate savings on the global cost of thedesign and project by the contribution on the methodologythey requireand the requirements on the performances of the products, equipment and the execution conditions.